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Abdou Ramadan

Marketing Instructor | Marketing Manager

About Abdou Ramadan ?

Abdou Ramadan is an Egyptian Marketer
who played a vital role in launching and marketing new and international brands with huge success and campaigns that left its mark on the cosmetic and tourism industry in Egypt, the Middle East and Europe .
Abdou has a fresh eye for the newest trends creating designs that is appealing to the young, the main audience in the digital era and compatible with multimedia utilizing the social media for its full potential .
Abdou is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully developed several marketing plans that have resulted in increased revenue
With remarkable achievements in tourism, cosmetics ( local &international brands ) , trading , textiles, Food and beverage, he master his digital marketing skills that uses data science to secure targeted results .
currently, he is a digital marketing team manager at Ashry tech software house that serve brands like GoodFood app , Dalida Milano cosmetics, Ashry natural cosmetics, Ashry Narty hotels and more , also he runs his personal Website For marketing training .


Marketing Manager

Ashry Tech Software

Marketing Manager

Hours Company for transportation and tourism

Head Of Marketing

Items Company

Social Media Marketing Manager

Ashry Natural Company

Social Media Marketing Manager

Good Food Company

Social Media Specialist

El Assal Factory

Social Media Marketing Manager

Dalida Milano

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